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Installed Pricing:

Ship the Transmission    -    $2795*

Bring the whole car in    -    $3245*

Add a 4.235 R&P        -    +$1352

We also offer custom blueprinted Race Gear Boxes with a variety of ratios and options (including the new lightweight 4 speed).  This is the same service we provide for FXMD’s record braking time attack car.  These transmissions hold nearly 1000HP and 850 lb/ft. of torque in a racing application.

NEW - APPLIED MOTORSPORTS now carries OS Giken Differentials and Clutches, with prices too low to list.

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*Includes all OEM overhaul parts, all oil seals, all bearings, synchros, and everything else that wears out.

SHORT GEAR SALE    -    $895